Image video

An essential part of a strong brand image is to be captured in an audiovisual format that all channels can be proud to distribute.

Company/organisation presentation

If you would like to present your company's operations, including the to your prospective partners or clients.

Event aftermovie

An important part of an event is to get it right It is important to ensure that an event is properly captured so that it can be remembered and held in the future, similar events in the future.

Social media videos

Social media presence is an essential part of modern marketing. There's an uncountable amount of visual content circulating on various social platforms, and we help you stand out from it effectively and consistently.


The most authentic way to present a company/organisation, or perhaps an event, is through the people who attend it. The right form and scope of content is the interview, which we can help you create from content editing to delivery.

Other thematic videos

Presenting special topics to the audience challenges for which video presentation is the most effective. Our expert team know exactly how to successfully bring special topics to the screen.


All our projects are preceded by a consultation during which we assess your needs and preliminary ideas.


Once we know your needs, we will create a video concept, what tools and style you want to use to capture your subject.


You will get to know the designed imagery and mood of our concept before the shoot, which we will present to you with a moodboard with mood images.


In order to make the shoot as efficient as possible, we write a script that will give you the workflow.


Efficient work can only be done if it is in safe hands, so we also provide leadership for the whole process.


The basis of video production, carried out in one or more days by our expert team with our professional tools, depending on the concept and your needs.


Our service includes post-production work on the finished footage, from editing to polishing, to give you a complex and complete result product.

Our professional equipment fleet includes high quality cameras, lenses, camera stabilizers, lighting equipment, various drones, as well as tools for performing special effects such as smoke machines. All this is backed up by all the tools we need to make post-production work on commercials as efficient and fast as possible.